Who are you, who beckon?

Up and down, all around,
My thoughts twist and fly.
Plans tumble away,
I rethink my design.

Have I played my cards wrong?
So the critic might say.
Yet I’m journeying on
And I welcome the way.

With my eyes on the prize
I attend to the call.
For a life filled with meaning
I will gamble it all.

I know something greater
is there, through the fog.
Though not seeing the details,
I must journey on.

I’m hopeful and joyful
As I face each surprise,
And I trust that my guardians
Speak true words and wise.

Who are you, who beckon?
Some spirit or god?
Or the voice of my own soul
Now spurring me on?

Whoe’er you may be,
Pray lead me, and guide,
That by taking this journey
I live, and I thrive,

Bringing gifts to the world,
Singing songs full of joy,
Doing that holy Work
Without which I would die.

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