Here for Hymnody

Just a pair of delightful quotes from the last few days:

While I lived, it was my part to sing hymns in praise of the Gods, whether by myself, or with another person, or with many.

Epictetus, Discourses III.26, 30

If people have any use for a voice, they should be using it for hymns.

Proclus, in Timaeum I 197, 6–7 (trans. Tarrant)

One thought on “Here for Hymnody

  1. I’m in a Zoom book club now and we’re reading Proclus’ Republic Essays (my second read through the new English translation), and the second one is very similar to Essay 5: “In any event, it is unbearable for them [the ones raised in a just/best city] to have things that are shameful and illicit uttered, for they do not hold it fitting to defile the tongue by saying these words [about Gods misbehaving], since the tongue is an instrument for celebrating the gods and for conversing with good people.” (~45.25-46.5)


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