To Artemis, in Time of Distress

Daughter of Leto,
Filled from your first breath
With compassion for your mother,
Newborn guide to birth,
You led your twin brother to life
On the rocky shores of Delos.

Virgin midwife,
Our world groans in travail.
Guide us through the dark hour,
Through our pain and confusion.
Help us, heavy laden,
To bring forth life.

Deliver us, O holy maiden,
And deliver our children—
Children of flesh, blood, and bone,
Children of thought, mind, and spirit.
Bring forth life and health,
New stories, new lifeways.

Deliver us, O holy savior.
Help us to birth a new world.
Bring forth hope from sorrow,
Joy from anguish,
Radiant life in a barren place.
Deliver us we pray, O blessed Artemis.

Khaire Artemis Soteira!

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