To Apollon, in Time of Unrest

Apollon of good counsel, lord of the assembly,
Be with our nation in this time of unrest;
Bring us together in compassion and understanding.

Turner of seasons, lord of the winds,
Cool the fires of anger and rage;
Calm the winds that would fan these flames.

Leader of the Muses, lord of inspiration,
Show us the way, the song to sing:
A story of hope and freedom for all.

Mighty archer, lord of the bow,
Defend our nation in this hour of need;
Protect us from those who seek our destruction.

Bright shining one, lord of the Sun,
Dispel the darkness that would blind and confuse us,
Give us clarity of vision, sincerity and truth.

God praised by the paian, lord of healing,
Heal our nation, heal our communities;
Restore us to health, in body, mind, and spirit.

Holy savior, lord of harmony,
Be with us in our need;
Bring us together, in true peace and concord.

Khaire Apollon!

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