To Remember (For Mnemosyne)

All too often, we dismember:
Rend part from part, limb
From limb: opponents and enemies,
Flesh of the living Earth,
Even our own precious lives.
Deny coherence, blot out meaning,
Tear thought from thought, leaving
Each one discrete, isolated, alone.
Thinking “there is not, nor
Ever was, a greater whole.”

What would it be, if
Slowly, softly, mindfully, we remember?
Put our thoughts back together?
Find connection, pattern through all?
If we tell structured stories,
With beginning, middle, and end?
See each moment, each life
Fitting, forming a cosmic whole?
A world full of meaning,
A world we might remember.

Mnemosyne, Lady of Sweet Recollection,
Please help us to remember.

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