To Athene Polumetis (Trust Amidst Uncertainty)

Aegis-bearing Athene, daughter of sovereign Zeus,
Noble warrior, might savior,
Ever cunning, ever wise,
I call to you in this time of need.

Valiant defender of Athens,
May you defend my nation, too,
With courage, with strength,
And above all, with wisdom.

You triumphed over the Giants
When they tore at the world’s foundations.
You put an end of their violent destruction
And ushered in the rule of your father.

When the Furies raged against Orestes,
Your laws—and your vote—brought sweet relief
Not only to the long-suffering fugitive,
But to the avenging Goddesses as well:

You turned aside their wrath,
Welcoming them into the city.
You made a home for the Eumenides,
O protector and savior to all.

Blessed Athene, mighty defender,
Be with us in this hour.
Bring us back from the brink of destruction.
Save us from the worst in ourselves.

Ever near to those who are dear to you,
And ever dear to those whom you are near,
I entrust my cares to you, Athene,
In your protection, and in your providence.

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