Prayer to All of the Gods III

I haven’t the words to describe how powerful and magnificent this prayer is. Please, go check it out!


This is the last of the three prayers that I wanted to write in 2021 — hopefully, a decent enough go at it. It’s the most Platonic of the three (but, let’s be blunt, that’s all of them), and it was a good exercise in hammering out where I solidly understand Proclus’ Platonic Theology and where confusion lingers. As with the other poems, some edits may be made as I use it.

Now for the accompaniment. I recommend a combination of frankincense and some kind of aromatic herbs — which, given incense blends, is easy to achieve in one type of stick when frankincense and aromatics are pressed together in it. The stanza breaks are good points at which one could offer libations.

Prayer to All of the Gods III

I pray to all of the Gods, welcome —
accept this offering of incense and these libations
given in adoration…

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