I cultivate stillness. I connect to the Gods, to the Spirits, to the Earth.

Those two activities describe the core of my life’s Work, as I currently understand it. Everything else that matters flows from that, and returns back to it, or supports it in some way.

What else to say? I am…

  • a polytheist.
  • an animist.
  • devoted to certain beloved Goddesses, Gods, and Spirits. (But you knew that already. Polytheist: Many Gods.)
  • a mystic.
  • a diviner. Most especially, a geomancer.
  • a lover of wisdom. (And as the divine Plato reminds us, the fact that I’m still properly called a lover means that I’ve yet to actually attain the object of this love.)
  • a bard, a poet. A teller of tales, a singer of songs. And of hymns. Especially hymns.
  • a doctor of philosophy, in philosophy. (No, that’s not as redundant as it sounds.)
  • a fledgling student of ecology.
  • a teacher, counsellor, friend, and companion.