Dionysos is our God

Blessed, blessed are those who know the mysteries of God.

Blessed is he who hallows his life in the worship of God, he whom the spirit of God possesseth, who is one with those who belong to the holy body of God.

Blessed are the dancers and those who are purified, who dance on the hill in the holy dance of God. 

Blessed are they who keep the rite of Kybele the Mother.

Blessed are the thyrsus-bearers, those who wield in their hands the holy wand of God.

Blessed are those who wear the crown of the ivy of God.

Blessed, blessed are they: Dionysos is their God!

Euripedes, Bacchae

Blessed, blessed are we! Dionysos is our God!

Kala Anthesteria, everyone!

To the Guardian of the Bridge

Guardian of Bifrost,
Wielder of the Gjallarhorn,
Keen-eyed watchman whom no evil can sneak past,
Who preserve inviolate the dwellings of the Gods,
I hail you.

May you keep watch over my heart.
May you keep watch over my mind.
May you keep watch over my spirit.
May you keep watch over all that I am,
That no evil may enter within me,
That I too may be a fitting dwelling for the Gods.

Hail, mighty guardian, holy protector!
Thank you for all your many gifts.
Hail, Heimdall!

Pure Things

Pure things for the pure. How then
Shall we purify ourselves?
By becoming like
Unto the all-pure Gods,
Do we approach Them, reflect
Them back unto Themselves.

Strip away all
That is alien to Them, all
That binds the soul to the depths
Of mighty matter. Instead,
Let the eye of the soul gaze
Upward, homeward, back
To her eternal source.

Then, only then, do we become
Pure. All
Else falls away, impurities refined,
‘Til what remains
Is an offering, pure,
Returned to the Pure.

May I Hymn You Always

Bright and holy Gods,
whose care extends throughout the world,
even to the farthest depths and the smallest things,
who are always and ever all good,
the very source of goodness, for whom all beings long,
whose blessings fountain forth abundantly,
providing all that we need,
who are always and everywhere present,
whenever we turn toward you,

Help me always, in everything, to honor you,
to become ever more fully aware
of your presence, your gifts
which uphold me at every moment.
Help me always, with everything, to turn toward you.

May my every word be a hymn.
May my every deed be a hymn.
May my every thought be a hymn.
May my every breath be a hymn.

May all that I say and think and do, all that I am,
be in keeping with your goodness, your providence, your love.

May I hymn you without ending, every moment of my life.

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In a dark forest grove
Lit by starlight, flick’ring flame,
Decked with ivy, fragrant flowers,
Your worshippers come, laden down
With their sorrows, their worries.
With the weight of the world.

You, O Lord, lift their burdens.

You show first a glimpse,
Then so much more – rushing,
Swirling, another vision, souls enraptured,
As you draw forth from our lips
Wave upon roaring wave
Of brilliant, rolling laughter.

So hail to you, O Lysios!
Praise, O Lord of Laughter!

Providence (A Prayer)

Holy and eternal Gods,
Who are the source and fountain of all that is good,
I praise and worship you this morn.
I come to you in adoration,
I come to you with thanks for all your wondrous gifts.

Pray help me to remain close to you this day.
Keep me ever within your care.

May I be a channel for your providence within the world,
Bringing your gifts to those around me
In whatever way is most fitting for me.

Hail, you blessed Immortals.
Hail, holy patrons and guides.
Hail and ever honor, all you Gods!

A Prayer for Aretē

O bright and holy Gods
Who are the source and fountain of all that is good,
Who fill the cosmos with your blessings,
I come to you in my need.

O providential Gods, mighty saviors,
Who know all things throughout the whole world,
Who care for all mortal creatures,
I entrust my cares to you.

Brilliant Apollon of the golden lyre,
Whose gifts bring balance, poise, harmony,
Set each part of my soul, my life, in due order.
In all things, grant perfect, proper measure.

Lord Dionysos, ever-future king,
Captivated by the mirror, torn apart yet reborn entire,
Direct my gaze toward what is good.
Bring me to unity: in my soul, in my life, in my devotion.

Mighty Zeus, father and creator,
Source of all life, ruler of all things,
Uphold and sustain me, in justice, truth, and piety.
Bring me through life’s storms, to your blessed harbor.

All you holy Gods whom I adore,
Who fill every cosmos – large and small – with your gifts,
Perfect my soul. Bring me to aretē.
I come to you in trust, and in supplication.