Since 2015, I have been a student and practitioner of the divinatory art of geomancy.

Geomancy Readings

I offer geomancy readings over email about once a month, typically on the 7th day of the lunar month. I will post an invitation for questions a few days in advance of each session.

I offer the readings on a sliding scale. I ask that you make some appropriate payment, between $10 and $30, at whatever level is appropriate to you. Payments can be made using the paypal link in the sidebar. This is sacred and inspired work, so please treat it seriously and appropriately.

Space is limited, and I will cut off new requests once the maximum has been reached.

Queries should be directly related to you or a situation in your own life, and due to legal restrictions, should not seek or appear to seek medical or legal advice. Since geomancy works with extremely abstract symbols and concepts, some basic information about the context of your question can be useful for me, to contextualize the answer.

If you’ve studied geomancy yourself and would like me to explain exactly how I extracted the answer from the chart, I’ll be happy to do so; if you’d prefer a “tl;dr, just the answer” type of reply, I’m happy to do that as well. Just let me know which you prefer.

Resources for Learning Geomancy

Like many (most?) modern geomancers, I began learning the art from John Michael Greer’s book The Art and Practice of Geomancy, which I highly recommend as an introductory text. Don’t neglect the meditations which Greer suggests. In my experience, they have been an incredible rich and potent source of insight.

From there, I learned a great deal from going to original Renaissance Latin sources. Most of all, though, I’ve learned simply by casting vast numbers of charts, and devoting hundreds of daily meditations to geomantic symbolism.

Traditional Geomancy Texts in Translation

I am at work on a full translation, from Latin to English, of Robert Fludd’s treatise On Geomancy (De Geomantia), which should be available in 2021. While there’s some “standard” material in Fludd that has been adopted by modern geomancers, Fludd clearly has a very different approach to the art. There are quite a few hidden treasures in this text, which can enrich the modern understanding practice of geomancy.