For the Artemis of this valley

Holy Huntress
Who roam these valleys,
Hallowed by your footfalls,

Lady of the wild,
Who wend your way amidst the resinous Pines,
Who wander these mountainsides in the moonlight,

Mighty savior,
I call to you.

Pray bless this land,
Holy and dear to you.

Bless us who dwell here.
Bless all who call upon you,
By whatever names they know you.

Holy Huntress,
Mighty savior,
Hear my prayer.

To Artemis, in Time of Distress

Daughter of Leto,
Filled from your first breath
With compassion for your mother,
Newborn guide to birth,
You led your twin brother to life
On the rocky shores of Delos.

Virgin midwife,
Our world groans in travail.
Guide us through the dark hour,
Through our pain and confusion.
Help us, heavy laden,
To bring forth life.

Deliver us, O holy maiden,
And deliver our children—
Children of flesh, blood, and bone,
Children of thought, mind, and spirit.
Bring forth life and health,
New stories, new lifeways.

Deliver us, O holy savior.
Help us to birth a new world.
Bring forth hope from sorrow,
Joy from anguish,
Radiant life in a barren place.
Deliver us we pray, O blessed Artemis.

Khaire Artemis Soteira!

To Socrates, on his Nativity

Written yesterday, on his actual birthday; posted here a day late.

Hail to you, Socrates, midwife of souls,
Whom we honor with Artemis, for your shared goals.
To you, whom the oracle once prophesied
Were of all the Athenians surely most wise,
A mission was given, to enlighten the young.
For your skill in that task, your praises are sung.
You comfortably owned your own knowledge’s bounds
And would seek out the truth, wheresoe’er it be found.
Even on your last day, you did honor the law,
For you knew well that death’s not the end of it all.
But rather, philosophy’s practice did quite
Have much the effect of a mystery rite:
You were ready for death, whatsoever it brings
Through the study of human and all divine things.
So we honor you, Socrates, born on this day.
Pray lead us and guide us on Wisdom’s bright way.