Year-End Geomancy Readings

In this season of turning inward, taking stock of the year gone by, and preparing for next year’s new beginnings, I’ll be offering geomantic readings from now through January 1st. If you’re looking for some additional guidance and perspective in whatever part of your life, I invite you to take a quick look at the description on my Geomancy page, then either get in touch through the contact form, or email me (barefootwisdom AT protonmail DOT com) with your query.

I find that these readings tend to give the clearest guidance when there is either a specific question, or a specific problem, or a specific area of your life that you’d like to enquire about. If you’re not sure exactly how to frame your question, that’s totally fine! I’m happy to help with that, drawing both on my experience as a diviner, and on my training as a philosopher.

And to all my readers, whether or not you have any questions for divination: May the winter holidays be joyful, and may the new year be filled with blessings!

Divination: The Objective, the Personal, and the Intuitive

Where is the objectivity in astrology? Is there an interesting sense in which astrology is “more objective,” or “more impersonal,” than other divinatory arts?

While it’s certainly true that at any given moment, the stars are where they are, in a way that does not depend upon us in any way, the astrological houses have quite a few personal and subjective elements about them. And even the significations of the planets leave quite a bit of room for intuition and inspiration in their interpretation.

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A Diviner’s Prayer

Apollon who see all things, 
From the highest summits to the lowest valleys, 
In the sea and the depths beneath the earth, 

Apollon who know all things, 
Each step in the dance of the stars, 
The wisdom upwelling from the heart of the Earth, 

Apollon who harmonize all things, 
Through the gifts of the Muses 
and your care for the winds, 

Apollon who guide those who call to you, 
Inspire me with your voice of truth, 
Bringing wisdom, guidance, and clarity, 

Apollon whose gift and treasure is the mantic art, 
Be with me in this reading, I pray.
Help me to honor you through this work.