Hymn to Kleio

I hymn you, O Muse, I hymn blessed Kleio, 
I honor you here in the quiet of night. 
You illlumine my mind, you give shape to my story, 
I remember life’s journey, piece by piece, in your sight.

You bring not merely snippets, sterile data and facts, 
But the narrative thread that will stitch them up tight. 
You help me to tell a true tale of my life: 
A story that shows sacred purpose aright.

Well-arranging my tale – where I’ve come from, and why – 
With your help, holy Muse, hidden links come to light. 
Through story, I see my path up to this point, 
Pointing into a future that’s hopeful and bright.

(May 2019)

What Books Do You Open? (For Kleio)

What books do you open?
What words there inscribe?
On leaves made from trees,
Or the page of my soul?

You set tales in order:
Beginning, through middle, to end.
You help me to see — and to sing — 
My own story.

You lay open before me
Wisdom of sages past.
You inspire me to speak
Their tales, for our time.