To Sovereign Zeus

Zeus, mighty sovereign, lord of Olympos,
You reign through persuasion, by empowering others:
With your brothers you share the sovereignty
In starry sky, wine-dark sea, misty realm beneath the earth.

Zeus, ever confident, sure of your power,
You are not jealous, as those who came before you:
You spread your gifts far and wide;
You enrich the world, who father countless Gods and Heroes.

Zeus, whose kingship enriches and empowers all,
Whose sharing of power brings the cosmos to completion,
Teach our rulers to govern as you govern,
Helping all people come to their perfection.

Zeus, who reign through persuasion,
Help us to rule as you rule,
Not through force, but encouraging,
Finding the way for all to flourish.

Zeus, blessed father, share your gifts with us, we pray.
Lift us up as we lift each other,
Setting each in a sovereignty among sovereigns,
In fellowship and in harmony.